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GTA Training Personal EvaluationEvery GTA Training Student gets a free skills evaluation when they start and complete each GTA basketball program to measure their progress.

Measuring performance matters.

To know where you’ve been, where you are now and where you want to go.

We value hard work, persistence and a willingness to learn while getting students out of their comfort zone.


GTA TRAINING Basketball Skills Checklist


Bounce Pass

Eyes Up Step with foot
Use fingertips Arms extend
Bend wrist Push from chest
Ball below waist Snap wrist
Non-dribbling arm guarding Hits 2/3 of way to receiver

Chest Pass


Step toward target Guide hand for balance only
Arms extend Balance – feet apart/dominant foot ahead
Push from chest Elbow under
Snap wrist Eyes on target
Finish with palm down Follow through to gooseneck position & hold

Right Hand Lay-up

Left Hand Lay-up

Dribble with step left Dribble with step right
Catch ball step right Catch ball step left
Step left Step right
Right arm and leg come up Left arm and leg come up
Ball in correct hand; Hit square Ball in correct hand; Hit square


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