For the Player Who’s Serious About Raising Their Game

Time: 6:30 PM-8:30 PM

Location: Convenient North Toronto location


GTA  High Performance Training program (“GTA HP”) involves an  individualized weekly training program designed to enhance each athlete’s skills through intense repetition of game time drills and strength and conditioning training.  The program runs September to June and athletes participate in 3 hour training sessions each week. We prepare our athletes not only to be competitive on the court, but also inspire them to reach their full potential, so he or she can begin and end off their season with the right mindset. This program is recommended for competitive basketball players looking for rigorous training  to improve their skills mentally and physically.  Athletes are evaluated regularly  and given individualized goals and training programs.

Some high performance drills for improving foot speed.

A typical  GTA High Performance session will include:

  • strength and conditioning training
  • high intensity drills, ranging from ball handling, defence, passing, etc
  • shooting drills and use of the Dr. Dish  All-Star  shooting machine
  • offence and defence  play strategies

The Dr. Dish All-Star Automatic Shooting Machine.

The Dr. Dish All-Star automatic shooting machine is the best of its kind and one of the only ones in the GTA. The machine allows players to shoot continuous shots without worrying about rebounding. Dr. Dish All-Star’s computerized shooting programs allow athletes to improve their skills with game like repetitions (and variable speed, delivery and tempo). The machine improves ball handling and shooting angles.

GTA High Performance Program highlights.

  • high performance training
  • improved skills, confidence, co-ordination, flexibility, strength and conditioning
  • 10 month program (Fall Session 3 months and  5 month Winter/Spring session)
  • 12-15 hours a month of intensive training and individualized instruction
  • high level coaches with extensive experience in guard and forward/center skills

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