Shooting Clinic

Learn to Shoot like a Machine!

Time: 11 AM to 12:30 PM

Location: St. Edward Catholic School

GTA Training Shooting Clinics are specifically designed to teach athletes the fundamentals of  basketball shooting.

Intangibles like passing and ball handling are very important, but a coach will always have a need for a player capable of  consistently scoring the basketball.Our Shooting Clinics cover balance,  shooting technique, follow through, mid-range shots, 3-point shots, free-throws, shooting off the dribble and using screens.

The clinics provides the opportunity for athletes to build their shooting confidence with consistent repetition. In addition to focused fundamental shooting drills,  our athletes will  use the Dr. Dish All-Star Shooting Machine, putting up hundreds of shots each training session.

The Only Shooting Machine of Its Kind  in the GTA

The Dr Dish Automatic All-Star Shooting Machine is the best of its kind, and one of the only in the GTA.   This machine allows players to shoot continuous shots without worrying about rebounding.  The computerized machine allows athletes to improve their skills with game-like  repetitions (and variable speed, delivery and tempo). It improves ball handling skills and optimizes shooting angles. It is the ultimate perimeter shooting machine for high-repetition training.

Dribbling Clinic

Master Your Ball Handling

When: Sept. 18-Nov. 27

Time: 12:30-1:30 PM

Location: St. Edward Catholic School

image of a GTA Training basketball dribbling clinic in TorontoOur dribbling clinic focuses on dribbling and ball handling skills. Athletes will develop ball handling proficiency. Drills will include stationary dribbling, crossover dribbling, “off hand” dribbling, ball protection, multiple ball handling, power and speed dribbling, stutter step and many other drills.  Ball handling skills will include dominate and non-dominant drills. Moving and resistance dribbling drills will improve athlete skill and confidence.

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