GTA Training and Head Coach Dale Davis have motivated and mentored thousands of athletes of all ages through high quality community basketball programs.

“Dedicated, versatile, and engaging.  These are a few of the words which can be used to describe Coach Dale and his basketball programs at GTA Training.  Coach Dale has been training our son Daniel, age 10, for many years.  What separates Coach Dale and his GTA training programs from others is his dedication to the player on an individual level and the versatility in which his training programs are run.  Whether it is learning a new drill, building on skills such as ball handling, dribbling, and jump shots, our son has always felt challenged week after week at GTA Training.  Daniel’s skills and development under the steady guidance and instruction of Coach Dale have allowed our son to excel and grow at the position of point guard.  Being successful in basketball is more than just shooting well, its having an innate feeling for the game, a basketball IQ.   Daniel possesses these qualities and Coach Dale has allowed Daniel to grow so much as a player and on a personal level.  In watching Daniel play basketball, these qualities are demonstrated greatly and this comes from having a Coach that laid down the foundation from early on.   For all this we are extremely grateful for the commitment Coach Dale has shown to Daniel towards his development over the years in the game of basketball.”

Danny & Connie Fanone, Toronto


“Dale Davis, of GTA Training, stepped in to coach our Gary Durrant Heat Bantam boys squad after the first quarter of the season. As head coach, Dale led a group of 8 previous rep players and 5 rookies to a winning .655 season with gold medals in 2 AAA tournaments and a 9th place provincial ranking. Even with this extraordinary first year record, and while a competitive taskmaster, Dale’s focus is rightly on the development of the boys, not just on winning. Basketball is about effort, heart, stamina, skill and respect. The boys developed these attributes in growing from a group, to become a team.”

Hamish Sutherland
Gary Durrant Basketball


“Dale coached the Northview Heights’ Junior Boy’s Basketball team to a remarkable 18-1 record in the 2011-2012 season. His accomplishments this season included winning the tough north/west division, beating the reigning Downsview champions, winning the University of Toronto tournament with seven victories in one day, leading a fourteen-team league in scoring for the second season in a row and leading Northview to recognition in the GTA Hoops’ coaches poll of the top teams in the city. As much as I respect his ability to continue to develop the skill levels of the players in the program, I am even more impressed by his ability to guide the character and leaderships skills of the students he works with.”

Scott Carter 


“Dale brings a great balance of rigour and fun to his training program that ensured our son and the whole team did not run out of gas in the 4th quarter. He gave our boy the freedom to make “smart mistakes” during games – to learn how to take the correct risk. Our son’s confidence improved and he became a better athlete. Dale earned the respect of our son, and thus, our respect too.”

Susan (parent)


“Dale Davis was the Junior Boy’s basketball coach at Northview Heights. He was responsible for a complete turn around for the team. After years of losing seasons, including an 0-10 record three years ago, coach Davis lead the team to a number of outstanding achievements including leading a 14-team league in scoring, their first win over North-West powerhouse Emery in over a decade, their first playoff win in over a decade, a silver medal finish at the Woodbridge tournament and a final four appearance at the prestigious Hoopdome tournament. Coach Davis emphasizes teamwork as much as skill development. As a teacher, it was a pleasure to watch him be as good a mentor with young people as he is a basketball expert.”

Scott Carter


“My son Adam has been doing basketball training with Dale since the summer of 2009. Dale is an incredible trainer. He not only teaches the skills and strategy required for the game, he also focuses on the discipline required. Dale works Adam hard but, more importantly, he positively reinforces the hard work and knows how to instill the confidence needed in a good player. I would highly recommend Dale to anyone looking for a highly skilled, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and motivating basketball trainer.”

Ilene Shiller (parent)


“For the past year, Dale has been training my two sons, ages 14 and 10. Dale has trained my 10 year old, along with other members of Atom Rep basketball team, on ball-handling, shooting, movement, defense and related team-building skills. My 14 year old son has been training with Dale on an individual or semi-private basis, to improve his individual skills in preparation for joining the U-16 basketball team. Dale’s workouts are tough and challenging, focusing not only on skills development, but also on the underlying fitness required to maintain proper technique in the stress of a competitive game situation. As a result of these experiences, I would highly recommend Dale as a trainer and coach.”

Diana Woodhead (parent)


“Dale became the coach of my daughter’s rep basketball team last year. This was Bayla’s 4th year making the rep team. Under Dale’s coaching, Bayla’s skills improved significantly. She has always loved the game and this past year she went from an average basketball player to above average under Dale’s guidance. Bayla really took to Dale’s coaching style and approach, he is tough but he also makes it fun. In my opinion this is key in keeping girls engaged and interested in basketball now and in the future. My daughter became much more disciplined and learned a lot more about the game and her role on the team. Dale focuses a lot on the fundamentals, this gave Bayla and her team a strong foundation to build on. By the end of the rep season Bayla’s rep team went on to win the Silver at the OBA championships, this is a testament to Dale’s coaching skill and abilities. I would highly recommend Dale to any parent looking to improve their son or daughter’s game.”

Jennifer King (parent)

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